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How to Know When Your Furnace Is Failing
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How to Know When Your Furnace Is Failing

Anyone who has ever lived in the Northeast United States during the winter knows that a sudden furnace failure is nothing short of bad news. Making the call for emergency furnace repair in Harrisburg, PA is a situation virtually every homeowner dreads. Luckily, by knowing when it’s time to replace a furnace and taking proactive steps to maintaining and repairing it, it’s possible to limit costs and inconveniences. You’ll also help keep your home nice and warm all season long.

If you find yourself frequently asking the following questions, it might be time to look into inexpensive furnace repair for your home:

  • Why is it so cold in here? Perhaps the most telling indicator your furnace needs repair is when it’s not performing its primary function: keeping your home warm. If it’s still cold in your home when the furnace is on, check to make sure the unit has power, is switched on and the circuit breakers haven’t been tripped. If it’s getting power but isn’t generating warmth, it’s time to call for an emergency furnace repair.
  • What’s that annoying noise? Even modern furnaces built for quiet operation make some noise every now and then. However, if you’re hearing repeated banging and clanking, screeching and squealing, grinding or any other unsettling sounds, call an expert to take a closer look.
  • Isn’t the burner flame supposed to look blue? When inspecting your furnace, check the color of the burner flame to confirm that it’s burning blue. A flickering or yellow flame could mean there’s a carbon monoxide leak present. You should take similar precautions if you’re concerned about a gas leak or if you hear a carbon monoxide alarm.
  • Why is our utility bill so high? Most homeowners understand energy bills will go up and down depending on the season and how much you’re relying on your heating or cooling system. When you see an unusual spike in utility bills when it’s cold outside, your furnace is probably not operating to maximum efficiency. Its lack of performance could be due to various factors, so the safe move is to request a professional assessment.

Avoiding Costly Emergency Furnace Repairs

Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas can get extremely cold during the winter. Trouble with your furnace is not only an inconvenience, but it may also be a warning of a potentially dangerous situation. By paying attention to the signs and inspecting and servicing your equipment on a regular basis, you can avoid costly emergency furnace repairs and replacements.

If you’re having trouble with your furnace or want to learn more about regular maintenance, contact N.S. Johnson, Inc. We complete inexpensive furnace repair in Harrisburg, and we are happy to answer all of your questions.