Gas vs. Oil Heat

Why You Should Make the Switch to Natural Gas
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Why You Should Make the Switch to Natural Gas

There are several different heating systems available to you as a Harrisburg, PA homeowner. Two of the most popular heating systems are powered by natural gas and oil.

There are a few key differences between gas-powered heat and oil-powered heat. Let’s take a look at how the two systems differ and help you determine the best choice for your home.

Oil Heat — Pros and Cons

You may be familiar with the sight of an oil truck parked outside a neighbor’s home with a fuel line hooked up to a connector somewhere on their property. When it’s time to heat their home, a pump will draw oil from the tank into a combustion system where it’s mixed with air and ignited. The heat can then be used to boil water, and the heat from the hot water is then distributed via radiators or baseboard heaters.

The primary advantage of oil heat is that its BTU output is quite high, meaning the initial installation costs are lower compared to natural-gas based systems. However, oil heating systems come with several caveats.

For starters, oil tends to be a more expensive commodity than natural gas, and prices are difficult to predict from year to year due to market fluctuation. Oil heating systems also require more product to push through the system to produce heat than their natural gas-powered counterparts. Oil heating systems can even produce quite a bit of waste products, including soot, which will require regular maintenance to clean out.

Gas Heat — Pros

Gas heat is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to oil heat. Powered by natural gas, gas heating systems are a more efficient method for heating your home than oil-powered systems. Unlike oil heat, natural gas doesn’t need to be kept in a tank in your basement, freeing up storage space and removing unpleasant odors generated by oil storage and combustion. Additional advantages include:

• Less maintenance — Natural gas burns cleaner than oil and leaves behind less residue.

• Fewer fluctuations in commodity prices

• Less noisy operation

Gas Heaters From N.S. Johnson, Inc.

If you want to learn more about how a gas heater can benefit your Harrisburg, PA home, contact N.S. Johnson, Inc. today. We’re a Palmyra-based business serving several area communities with oil to gas conversions and repair services for existing systems. Our expert staff will discuss what equipment would work best in your home, and our highly trained technicians will provide you with the best installation and customer service Pennsylvania has to offer.