Water Heater Installation

What You Need to Know About Water Heaters and Water Heater Installation
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Since heating hot water for baths and showers, laundry and dish washing accounts for about a quarter of the average household energy consumption, it pays to consider the basics involved in purchasing and installing a water heater. From the types of fuel to initial costs and efficiency ratings, selecting the right water heater can have a major impact on your quality of life — and your family’s spending budget.

Types of Water Heaters

The combination of improved technology and stricter regulations has led to more efficient water heaters. However, you’ll still find a wide variety of options for inexpensive water heater installation in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. The primary types of water heaters available for purchase include:

  • Conventional water heaters with a storage component that offers a ready supply of hot water
  • Tankless water heaters that quickly generate hot water on demand without a storage tank
  • Heat pump heaters that provide hot water by using electricity to distribute heat from one place to another
  • Solar power water heaters using energy provided by the sun to heat a reservoir of hot water
  • Indirect (tankless coil) water heaters that rely on an existing space heating system to generate hot water

Selecting the Right Water Heater

One of the first things to consider when shopping for water heaters is the type of fuel you currently use — or the type of fuel currently available in your area. It’s smart to also research how fuel costs compare in your region on an annual basis. Typical fuel types used in the U.S. include electricity, geothermal, natural gas, oil, propane and solar energy.

Other considerations when selecting a hot water heater include:

  • Unit size and capacity - It’s not only helpful to ensure you have the physical space necessary for the unit you’re considering, but it’s also important to make sure it has the capacity to meet your needs. The size of the structure and the composition of its inhabitants are primary factors.
  • Product cost - When calculating how much a new water heater is going to cost, make sure to also include fuel expenses as well as the price of hot water heater installation. Harrisburg, PA homeowners can reach out to local HVAC providers for an accurate estimate of the total expenses you may be expected to pay.
  • Efficiency rating - Because of new requirements placed on manufacturers, all water heaters need to be more energy-efficient than they have been in the past. Learning more about the various properties for each type of water heater and narrowing them down based on your specific needs will help you find the most efficient option.

If you’re searching for additional information on inexpensive water heater installation in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas, contact N.S. Johnson, Inc. today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about product repairs, purchases and water heater installation.