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Backflow into the public sewer system is a serious problem that can contaminate drinking water, potentially causing health problems. For this reason, periodic backflow inspections are an important part of preventative maintenance, to the extent that they are required by many municipal water companies in Pennsylvania. If you’ve received a letter from your utility company recommending a backflow prevention inspection, here’s what you need to know to get started.

Most utility providers, including Harrisburg’s Capital Region Water, require that all commercial properties have an appropriate, working backflow prevention device in place. Backflow prevention devices come in a range of different types and configurations. Some of the more common of these include:

  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Double check valves
  • Reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies
  • And more

When looking for a backflow prevention inspection provider, it’s important to work with a certified contractor who is experienced with the type of device installed in your facility. The inspection process involves running various tests to ensure the device is working properly and checking the water pressure of your plumbing system for other warning signs. If everything is working as it should, the contractor will then file a report with your utility company indicating that your system is compliant.

N.S. Johnson, Inc. has ASSE certified technicians who can provide commercial backflow inspections in the central PA region. If repairs are necessary, we can take care of the work in a prompt, professional and affordable manner. We’ll also handle all the paperwork necessary to demonstrate compliance.

If you’re unsure whether or not your property has a backflow prevention device installed, give us a call today. We’ll perform a site survey to determine what, if any, upgrades are needed to protect public drinking water and prevent backflow.

What are the Benefits of Backflow Prevention?

Taking steps to prevent backflow in your home or business has a number of key benefits, and it can help keep you compliant with your local water utility’s requirements, and maintain healthy public drinking water. Plumbing systems are designed to keep wastewater and drinking water separate. Backflow occurs when pressure imbalances allow these streams to cross one another, creating the potential for contamination. Installing a backflow prevention device — and performing regular testing to ensure it continues working as it should — is one key way to prevent this from happening.

When appropriate backflow prevention systems are in place, you:

  • Ensure the public water you use to drink and bathe is of a uniformly high quality, and that aesthetic issues such as foul smells and poor coloration are eliminated
  • Reduce the risk of pesticides and other external contaminants entering drinking water
  • Prevent human waste from entering drinking water
  • Maintain compliance with your local municipal water authority’s requirements
  • Reduce waste and improve the overall water pressure in your home or business

For these reasons and more, it’s important to have a working backflow prevention device in your facility.

Why should you be concerned about backflow prevention? Many commercial facilities, including housing complexes, retail storefronts and office buildings, are required to undergo regular backflow prevention inspections by a state-certified contractor. While single-family homes are typically exempt from these requirements, for the above reasons and more it’s worth it to have your property inspected and install or upgrade any hardware necessary to prevent a problem in the future.

Potential trouble spots for backflow include your toilets, dishwasher and garbage disposal, outdoor sprinkler systems and exterior hoses. If you’ve replaced any of these recently, or are starting to suspect problems in these areas, it’s worth your while to schedule a backflow inspection. Better yet, install an appropriate backflow prevention device on your property to enjoy long-term peace of mind.

Get Help from N.S. Johnson, Inc.

N.S. Johnson, Inc. is your local backflow prevention expert in the central PA region. We offer a number of services for home and commercial customers that can protect you from liability, reduce the risk of an E. coli outbreak or other contamination concern, and improve the overall quality of water. We have ASSE certified technicians recognized by the State of Pennsylvania to provide backflow prevention inspections for our region’s local water companies. If you’re considering adding a backflow prevention device to your property, we can help every step of the way, from the initial surveying to the final installation and testing.

Contact N.S. Johnson, Inc. for more information about our full range of plumbing services for commercial and residential customers.