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Out of Sight Shouldn't Mean out of Mind
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Whether it’s providing you with warm air in the winter or cool air in the summer, your ductwork is responsible for moving air to all the rooms of your house and providing adequate circulation. While many people make sure their furnace and air conditioning systems are regularly verified and maintained, many forget that their ductwork needs attention too. Trust our experienced technicians here at N.S. Johnson, Inc., to provide quality duct cleaning and friendly, professional service, all at a competitive price.

If you’re a homeowner in the Harrisburg, Hershey, Palmyra or Lebanon, PA area, we can prescribe and perform the duct cleaning services you require and return your ductwork to optimal condition.

Air Duct Cleaning Facts

Even those of you that are familiar with regular home HVAC cleaning may not be aware that your HVAC ductwork needs attention. Your ducts are hidden in your floors and walls and are therefore easy to forget. But for proper home HVAC operation, health and economy, including your ductwork in your whole home HVAC service plan is necessary to keep your entire system functioning at its best. N.S. Johnson, Inc. can offer you many different HVAC services, including professional duct cleaning. Let our professionals assess your current ductwork situation and prescribe the exact services necessary to remove dirt, dust and mold from your entire HVAC system.

Out of Sight Shouldn't Mean out of Mind

You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t put any thought into your ductwork lately — most people don’t! That’s why we’re here. We DO think about your ductwork, and we know why it’s important to perform regular duct inspection and cleaning:

  • Clean ducts allow air to flow better. While completely blocked ducts are rare, any restriction in your ductwork — from dirt, debris or foreign objects that get trapped — will lower the amount of air getting to the rooms of your house and make your heating and cooling less effective.
  • Your ductwork is a network that leads to every room in your house. If any dirt, mold or germs are present, when your HVAC system is running, it’s spreading these contaminants all over your house. When we clean out your ductwork, we make sure to get every last duct that requires attention.
  • Before we start any cleaning, we do a thorough inspection. While the goal is to locate ducts that need cleaning, this can also help us see any other problems or issues that need attention, like corrosion, damage or wear. This gives you peace of mind that your ductwork is in proper condition.
  • Different houses and HVAC systems will require different frequencies of cleaning. Typically, a service will be every three to five years, though this will vary depending on the size of your home, type of furnace and/or AC unit and the amount of dirt and dust in your air.

We will never propose an estimate for a service that isn’t necessary. We inspect your ductwork system using sophisticated equipment and cameras that allow us to see every last inch of ductwork. Our detailed no-cost, no-obligation estimate will detail the work that’s necessary. This allows us to offer great prices to our customers, as we’re not adding any unnecessary services. Our professional N.S. Johnson, Inc. technicians will organize a date for your service and use the latest modern cleaning equipment to clean your ducts, vents and registers. When we leave, your ducts will be back to an impeccable cleanliness level, and you and your family can enjoy the full comfort and enjoyment of your home heating and cooling system.

You wouldn’t drink through a dirty straw or use a dirty hose to wash your car, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you let your ductwork get dirty. Any dirt, dust or mold that builds up can come loose at any moment and be propelled into your home. This can have an effect on the health of your family and spread dust and germs around your entire house. Any obstructions in your ductwork can also affect how hard your fan has to work and will wear it out over time.

Our N.S. Johnson ductwork cleaning service is designed to get at all of the trapped dirt that is found throughout your home ductwork system. Before we even start, we perform a diagnosis and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll only suggest the work that’s necessary for your installation and eliminate any unnecessary services. With a ductwork cleaning service tailored for your home and the condition of your ducts and upfront pricing with no surprises, our team will have your home heating and cooling ductwork in optimal shape in no time.

And because N.S. Johnson is a full-service HVAC contractor, we can take care of many other home HVAC concerns you might have, including after-hours emergency service. Every home and every customer is different, which is why we customize our service to your needs and do a thorough examination of your heating and ventilation system before making our suggestions. We want to become your go-to contractor for all your home HVAC needs, so give us a call today and our professional, courteous team will be more than happy to visit your home and prepare your duct cleaning service estimate.