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Painless Oil to Gas Conversion
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The decision to convert from oil to gas heat isn’t one you’ll make lightly. After all, you’re going to incur some initial costs up front that you wouldn’t by staying the course.

But beyond that, there are many reasons why you should consider making the upgrade and converting from oil to gas heat:

It's easier!

With an oil heating system, you’re relying on a commodity that’s usually produced overseas and delivered by a truck. Generally speaking, your oil tank is inside your house, so you have to set up a convenient time for delivery. During hazardous weather conditions, these trucks might not be able to make it to your house, so you risk a cold house and even frozen pipes during the winter.Natural gas, on the other hand, is supplied by a network of underground pipes that connect to your home.

It's cleaner!

Believe it or not, out of all the fossil fuels, natural gas has the least emissions. The gas also doesn’t have much of an odor, so your home won’t pick up any of the smells oil can release.Oil, on the other hand, is similar to coal and wood in the sense that when you burn it, it leaves behind soot and other residues. This results in a smellier home that’s dirtier, too, thanks to all the dust that oil leaves behind.

It's safer!

There’s no denying that gas is explosive. But thanks to rigorous regulations, today’s new gas tanks come with a variety of safety features that prevent those explosions from occurring.When oil tanks fail, many homes or buildings have been condemned. And insurance companies might not even foot the bill. On top of that, following an extensive leak, there will still be a lingering aroma of oil as well as residue.

It's cheaper!

Forget the costs you’ll have to pay up front to convert from oil to natural gas. After that investment, you’ll save money on gas because it burns hotter than oil.Natural gas is also regulated, so you know what kinds of prices you’ll pay over the course of the year. The oil market fluctuates rapidly, so prices might change. You’ll also have to pay oil costs in full immediately every time you fill up your tank.

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